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Auction Saturday, 23rd March 2019

23/03/2019 11:00 am

Executors Auction, Contents from DeCourcey House, Kinsale with the contents of a Co. Cork Georgian bungalow removed to our Auction Rooms.


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Lot Number: 301

The Worthies of Warwickshire who lived between 1500 and 1800 by F.L. Colvile 1869; also The History of the County of Lincoln by Thomas Allen, Leeds 1830, illustrated, front cover loose & History of Hampshire by T.W. Shore 1892. (3)

Estimate: €70-90

Lot Number: 302

Atlas to the Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough containing maps & plans, illustrative of the campaigns, fac-simile autographs, armorial bearings etc. London 1848. (1)

Estimate: €50-80

Lot Number: 303

Adventures Amidst The Equatorial Forests and Rivers of South America also in the West Indies and The Wilds of Florida by Villiers Stuart of Dromana 1891. (1)

Estimate: €80-100

Lot Number: 304

Box of books - 19th century travel interest and others.

Estimate: €20-30

Lot Number: 305

The Land of the Lakes being the midland railway companies illustrated guide to the sporting and touring grounds of Co. Donegal by E.S. Shrubsole. 1906.

Estimate: €40-60

Lot Number: 306

The Railways of the United Kingdom, statistically considered by H. Scrivenor, 1849. (Colonel Grove-Whites copy) (front cover loose, backs spine)

Estimate: €45-65

Lot Number: 307

The Essays of Emerson, 2 Volumes, Arthur L. Humphreys 1899, unopened. (2)

Estimate: €40-50

Lot Number: 308

Rare Somerville/Ross item. Lunch Menu/Card, University Philosophical Society-Swift Bicentenary 1945, Metropole Hotel, Cork. Guest of Honour- Edith Somerville-menu clear silver fox, kidney strayaways, real Charlotte Russe, etc with a postcard from EOE Somerville to Geraldine Cummins re: her coming to stay.

Estimate: €50-60

Lot Number: 309

Catalogue of Paintings, drawings & illustrations of Dr. Edith Somerville, Sept. 1984 with newspaper cuttings by Peter Lennon and Patricia Hutchins.

Estimate: €25-35

Lot Number: 310

Three Biographies of Somerville & Ross, Geraldine Cummins 1952, Maurice Collis 1968, John Cronin 1972 & Ireland of the Welcomes 1984-Somerville Edition. (4)

Estimate: €35-45

Lot Number: 311

Somerville & Ross, seven first editions Dan Russel The Fox, Mount Music; Sarah's Youth; French Leave; An Enthusiast; An Irish RM and all on the Irish Shore. (7)

Estimate: €100-130

Lot Number: 312

My Life and Loves by Frank Harris, privately printed 1922; Illustrierte Sittengeschichte by Eduard Fuchs, Munchen 1912. (2)

Estimate: €50-70

Lot Number: 313

Illustrated London News, 1848, 1855, 1869, 1874 and 1870 and Cornation Record number, George V and Queen Mary. (6)

Estimate: €75-85

Lot Number: 314

The Graphic Jubilee number 1887 bound with the Stanley number, black and white 1896, Illustrated London news 1897, India and The Prince of Wales, The Ashantee War, The Pictorial World Christmas 1882, Illustrated Australia News 1891, interesting volume, great illustrations and adverts.

Estimate: €70-90

Lot Number: 315

An album of over 80 Christmas cards, 1896-97. Some Cork addresses.

Estimate: €50-60

Lot Number: 316

Sketches in India taken at Hyderalad and Secunderabad by Captain Allan N Scott, London 1862 with 101 photographs - loose cover.

Estimate: €80-100

Lot Number: 317

A Patrick's Day Hunt by Somerville and Ross. 8 coloured plates & numerous line drawings.

Estimate: €120-180

Lot Number: 318

Nine books on book collecting.

Estimate: €25-35

Lot Number: 319

The Illustrated Sporting & Dramatic News, 1897.

Estimate: €25-35

Lot Number: 320

Tomlinson's Cyclopaedia of Useful Arts - manufactures, mining and engineering. Illustrated. 3 volumes 1866, half calf. (3)

Estimate: €80-100

Lot Number: 321

Geology, Familiarly illustrated by G.M.W. 1859 - illustrated with a continuous fold out view containing 31 hand coloured lithographed scenes in a humorous vein.

Estimate: €100-200

Lot Number: 322

Volume I - Palais Chateaux Hotels Et Maisons De France by Claude Sauvageot 1867. Over 80 fine engravings, bookplate of H.H. Hill & stamp of Arthur Hill. Cork

Estimate: €80-100

Lot Number: 323

Volume I and II Encyclopaedia of Sport, 1897; Wild Sports of the West of Ireland, 2 volumes; Sportsman and his Dog, 1850. (5)

Estimate: €40-60

Lot Number: 324

Large quantity of old books.

Estimate: €30-50

Lot Number: 325

Quantity of 18th and 19th century leather bound books mostly odd volumes.

Estimate: €40-80

Lot Number: 326

Three folders of train photographs.

Estimate: €40-60

Lot Number: 327

Southern Star Centenary Supplement 1989 also Commerative Supplements by the Southern Star & Cork Examiner marking the centenary of the birth of Michael Collins. Commerative Booklet on Tomas MacCurtin and Terence MacSwiney (John A. Murphy 1995) etc.

Estimate: €30-40

Lot Number: 328

Angela Bolster - A History of the Diocese of Cork, 4 volumes 1972-1993, Tower Books.

Estimate: €200-250

Lot Number: 329

The Council Book of the Corporation of Cork from 1609-1643 and 1690-1800, by Richard Caulfield 1876.

Estimate: €100-200

Lot Number: 330

Alicia St Leger - A History of the Royal Cork Yacht Club 2005.

Estimate: €30-50

Lot Number: 331

William O'Sullivan - The Economic History of Cork City from the earliest times to the Act of Union, 1937.

Estimate: €30-50

Lot Number: 332

Alexander Cromie - Presbyterians in the City of Cork.

Estimate: €20-30

Lot Number: 333

William O'Brien - Mount Gabriel- Bronze Age Mining in Ireland, 1994.

Estimate: €30-50

Lot Number: 334

Archaeological Excavations in Cork City 1984-2000; Excavations at the Dominican Priory also at The North Gate, Cork; Excavations at South Main St., 2003-2005. (4)

Estimate: €30-50

Lot Number: 335

Bundle of approximately 25 Cork local History Journals including Duhallow Magazine, Mallow Field Club Journal, Bandon Historical Journal, Kinsale Historical Journal, Rosscarbery Past & Present.

Estimate: €20-30

Lot Number: 336

Bundle of 18 modern books/booklets on various aspects of Corks History and Heritage; includes a History of Irish Steel (Sarlsfield Hogan), The Coast of West Cork (Peter Somerville-large), Kenmare (Sr. Philomena McCarthy), The Land and the People of nineteeth century Cork (James Donnelly, paperback)

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 337

Bundle of 25 and Booklets of various aspects of Cork County History, Gravestone inscriptions for Ballymodan & Killbrogan, seine boats & fishing (Allihies Forklore Group). Booklets on Kinsale & 250 years of the Butler Road (Aubane Historical Society, etc.)

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 338

The Germans in Cork being the letters of the Baron Von Kartoffel and others. A spoof suggesting to Irish Nationalists during the great War that life under German occuping forces might not be anymore pleasant than under the British.

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 339

A bundle of 25+ booklets of Cork City interest; Cork Franciscan Records 1764-1831, Salute to Cork 800, Port of Cork Year Book, The Collegiate Chapel, Cork, etc.

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 340

Lewis's Atlas for Ireland, 1846 - (no covers)

Estimate: €70-80

Lot Number: 341

Box of Books - Irish interest.

Estimate: €50-70

Lot Number: 342

Ireland anf the early Church by J.M. Flood, 1920 also Catholicity and Progress in Ireland by M.O'Riordan, 1905. (both books signed by the author). (2)

Estimate: €25-35

Lot Number: 343

A long run of The Capuchin Annuals including the 1966 edition.

Estimate: €60-100

Lot Number: 344

Saorstat Eireann offical Handbook, complete with map.

Estimate: €40-60

Lot Number: 345

Box of books.

Estimate: €20-30

Lot Number: 346

Dalton's History of Ireland, 8 volumes.

Estimate: €30-40

Lot Number: 347

Two postcard albums.

Estimate: €25-35

Lot Number: 348

Mixed lot of books - Young Ireland, etc.

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 349

Quantity of books - Glorious Gardens of Ireland, etc.

Estimate: €30-50

Lot Number: 350

Somerville & Ross - 6 books.

Estimate: €40-80

Lot Number: 351

The Holy Bible.

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 352

M.F. Cusack - The History of the Irish Nation & 2 other books. (3)

Estimate: €40-60

Lot Number: 353

Quantity of books relating to Maynooth & Volumes I and 3 of the Diocese of Meath.

Estimate: €20-40

Lot Number: 354

Brother Saul by Don Byrne, signed copy, 1928.

Estimate: €30-40

Lot Number: 355

Box of books - W. Somerset Maugham, etc.

Estimate: €25-35

Lot Number: 356

Box of books to include, History of Ireland, Volume I.

Estimate: €40-60

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